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La Cantina di Enza

Adopt a Vine - Company: La Cantina di Enza

Adopt a Vine - Company: La Cantina di Enza

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In the Package "Adopt a vine" -> Bottles of "Father" Taurasi D.O.C.G.

A brief history of "La Cantina di Enza":

We are farmers and grape producers for generations we have lived and cultivated our land with the most sincere respect for everything that makes up the earth element, from manual processing during the year to the laborious sealing of surface furrows, to the minimum use of copper and sulfur, to spontaneous grassing, based on yields per hectare, to scrupulous and manual harvesting

Historical and geographical notes on the area (brief information): Montemarano is located in the heart of Irpinia in the province of Avellino-Campania. It is a mid-hill village with a small historic center and much of its extension is characterized by countryside and lots of greenery in a wooded area in the upper part, while its wine-growing area extends down the mid-hill

Environmental conditions of the place and of the production area (any environmental risks): our vineyards are all located with a southern exposure and at an altitude of about 380-400 meters. Our vineyards are exposed to the strong thermal excursions that the river Calore gives us with the wind it generates. So our vines live in an area suitable for wine production and thanks to this we still keep old post-phylloxera vineyards of about 70 years

My principles and ideals as a producer: I am a farmer in the simplest and cleanest sense of this description, I cultivate my land in respect, being aware of being part of it and trying to mediate the actions of the sky with the needs of our plants.

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