What is Vitigni Irpini & Who we are

Vitigni Irpini is a tourism promotion project of the territory with dedicated tours and exclusive services to guarantee, together with the wine producers, the quality of hospitality; the same quality of excellence that producers produce making us taste unique wines. Tour with visits to wineries, walks among the rows, tasting with the winemakers; discover the services in each of our proposals "Wine Tour - Emotional Experiences".

Vines Irpini is a portal where you can choose to adopt a vine for the wineries participating in the project divided by the DOCG areas (Taurasi - Fiano di Avellino - Greco di Tufo). Discover the dedicated section.

Vitigni Irpini is a Wine Shop with shipping throughout Italy and after purchasing it is possible to request an online tasting with the producer. Discover the many wines on our Online Wine Shop.

Vitigni Irpini is "different" advice for Ho.Re.Ca professionals to taste together in Irpinia or at their location. Discover the dedicated section.

The Vitigni Irpini project was born from the idea of ​​Michele Bello and his wife Antonella Coppola, who has been a wine lover since 2007 and is captured by this fantastic world thanks to a dear friend Vittorino. Michele together with his "brotherly" friend begins to taste and curiosity arises in him. Thus begins Michele's journey who begins to discover territories, visit cellars and taste "new" wines. Michele, as has been done with him, manages to make his wife Antonella passionate and since 2013 she too approaches the world of wine. Antonella since 2000 arrives with passion and devotion in the world of travel, with organizational skills she guarantees the best travel experience by identifying the needs and preferences of customers. With his professionalism and the relationship with the public reach important goals. With his work, his travels and his passion for wine he discovers the union between the two worlds.

Michele and Antonella between trips, visits and tastings in the cellar, participation in wine events and tasting many dishes and recipes in "sought after" restaurants in Italy never leave their umbilical cord: Irpinia.

We are happy to convey the love we feel for our land and the passion with which we dedicate ourselves to our project.

The project was born in 2018, precisely on June 26, from the social page “Vitigni Irpini” an innovative way to promote the Irpinia territory through interviews and tastings with wineries. The Vitigni Irpini idea was immediately welcomed by producers, professionals in the sector and simple enthusiasts of the world of wine. After two years of intense work and meetings with wine producers, in March 2020, in full lockdown, they realize the idea in the drawer "Adopt a vine" which from December 16, 2020 became reality with the platform www.vitigniirpini.com

"A winner is a dreamer who has never given up"

Vines Irpini is always growing, a volcano full of ideas always oriented with love towards the territory, where Michele and Antonella with professionalism and "soul" retain the customer who buys on the platform and the tourist who arrives in Irpinia; because they believe that they are the heart of the project they strongly care about.

Vitigni Irpini thinks that details and professionalism make the difference, which is why it relies on expert people in every role. On this occasion we thank all those who advise; in particular we thank our friends Roberto, Enrico and Massimo who, in the start-up phase, and whenever they can, help Michele and Antonella on communication.

"Everyone can improve despite the circumstances and achieve success if they are passionately dedicated to what they do"

Vitigni Irpini believes in the union with and between producers and for this reason that from a professional feeling, based on trust, respect, dialogue and comparison, the Irpini Vines project is born, initiatives and events in which the beauty of Irpinia and the magic emerge. of territorial wines. We are ready to welcome you, to entertain you and taste ... HAPPINESS IS REAL ONLY IF SHARED!


Logo derives from the Greek λόγος, which means “word”, short for logotype (typos in Greek means “letter”): a graphic symbol that encloses letters and shapes that represent a product, a company, an idea. Not only that, the logo is also the emblem of the environment and the era in which people live. The evolution of logo design could be traced back to ancient Greece, when rulers and their dynasties used monograms for their coins. The modern design of a logo, however, dates back to the Renaissance, around the 13th century. Here goldsmiths, paper makers and many others used gold stamping marks, chiseled symbols, watermark on paper and simple fingerprints on ceramic. Today all companies use a sign, an icon, a symbol or a combination of these as a logo: it is certainly one of the aspects that most characterize modern society and that of the recent past. Logo today means branding.

The "Vitigni Irpini" logo was born from Antonella's idea thanks to her passion for art and fashion handed down by her mother 'Rinuccia', art history teacher and designer of fashion clothes.

The name "Vitigni Irpini" identifies the territory with history, culture and tradition in the wine world.

The sterilized glass and bottle shown under the name "Irpini Vines" means that the quality vinified by the producers, coming from the Irpinia vineyards, is found in the bottle and the wine will be poured into the glass with which the excellence will be tasted. of Irpinia wine.

The colors: Green and white are the colors of Irpinia green! The wine color to identify the wine.

The shape: because the earth is round, the Irpini are part of this fantastic world and we are ready to welcome tourists from all over the world!

The phrase: AUTHENTIC AND GENUINE IRPINIA, A FASCINATING LAND is the phrase with which tourists greeted us after having stayed and visited Irpinia. This sentence made us happy and we made it "ours".