It was the Greeks who brought the original Fiano vine , the “Vitis Apicia” to Italy: the first vines were planted in Lapio , a place that took its name from the grape; grown in the heart of Irpinia, or the province of Avellino. Lapio, to date, falls within two Royals (Fiano di Avellino and Taurasi) out of three in Irpinia.

Fiano di Avellino is an Italian wine that benefits from the mention Denomination of Controlled and Guaranteed Origin, as per disciplinary, is vinified in 26 municipalities: Avellino, Lapio, Atripalda, Cesinali, Aiello del Sabato, Santo Stefano del Sole, Sorbo Serpico, Salza Irpina, Parolise, San Potito Ultra, Candida, Manocalzati, Pratola Serra, Montefredane, Grottolella, Capriglia Irpina, Sant'Angelo a Scala, Summonte, Mercogliano, Forino, Contrada, Monteforte Irpino, Ospedaletto d'Alpinolo, Montefalcione, Santa Lucia di Serino and San Michele di Serino

To be regulated, the Fiano di Avellino DOCG is released on the market 2 years after the harvest.

Why adopt a screw?

To receive the bottles of wine from your row, for a truly unique wine.

Because you can have the joy of seeing your bunches of grapes grow and come and discover the wonderful Irpinia e live an out of the ordinary experience.

Because you contribute to the preservation of a territory that is still intact, protecting the skilful work necessary for the birth of a true Irpinia wine.

A plaque with your name and surname will be placed on "YOUR" vine, and you will follow the whole process from growing the vine to bottling. You will be sent photos and videos of each work process along with the story of the manufacturer. Irpini vines and the producer will be waiting for you in Irpinia so that you can see "YOUR" vine up close, where the producer will tell you about and make you live a day with walk among the rows, visit to the cellar and tasting.

Adopt a vine is also a gift idea, a real emotion for wine lovers or professionals.

Buying the package is not just giving away a bottle of wine, but directly giving the adoption of a row with the joy of coming to visit the vineyards and the cellar.


- first delivery:



You will receive the adoption parchment for the area and winery you have decided to adopt directly to your home.


Immediately for you 3 bottles for the vintage on the market.

Personalized gadget. The joy of surprise.

Bed and breakfast
1 Night for 2 people, at comfort facilities and depending on the cellar you have decided to adopt, you will have the opportunity to sleep directly at the cellar overwhelmed by a magical atmosphere that you can find in Irpinia. For this reason, we ask you to indicate, at least, one month before the date of your arrival in order to better organize your stay and find room availability at the winery you have decided to adopt or at another facility near the cellar.

We care about the details, they are the ones that make the difference. Our advice is to come in the summer or September-October in order to see the magic and colors of the vineyard; or perhaps to come during the harvest period to participate in the most anticipated day of the year.


Tasting of typical products with wine pairing, for 2 people, at the cellar of your choice when purchasing the "Adopt a vine" package.

You will receive a 10% discount code voucher to be used only once for the purchase of the bottles you want on our Online Wine Shop.

- second shipment:

6 personalized bottles produced by YOUR VINE that you will receive when they are released on the market; following the rules, the times provided for by the Regulations and the winery policy.

Plaque on the vineyard
The plate placed on the vine, which remains until the harvest, will be delivered to you with the second shipment.

NB: the package without overnight stay in Irpinia and without tasting at the cellar is also available. Of course, the price is lower than the full package described above.

Below, in the photo, a facsimile of the adoption agreement

Name and surname of the adopter on the header of the adopted row and on the adoption certificate, with the possibility (during the purchase phase) of donating the row to third parties. So that the name will also be recorded on the personalized bottle.

What is the best gift for a wine lover? Not just giving a bottle of wine, but directly giving the adoption of a row.

Constant updates on the various stages of processing, from the birth of the vineyard to bottling, to follow the history of your wine step by step.